New patented four-way ceiling diffusers now available


New, patented, four-way diffuser grillesONTARIO, Calif. – September 1, 2021 – Wallner Expac, North America’s largest manufacturer of light gauge expanded for air filters and the developer and manufacturer of X-Mesh®– the patented industry standard in filter media backing– is excited to announce that it has added two more patents to its intellectual property portfolio. These two design patents are for its new four-way ceiling diffuser grilles that offer a functional and decorative alternative to existing product offerings.

• U.S. Patent No. D921174 (for Decorative Patterns)
• U.S. Patent No. D921175 (for Standard Patterns)

Existing ceiling diffuser grilles feature a perforated screen or louvers. To provide architects, interior designers, HVAC system designers, or anyone who wants to improve the look of their interior space, Wallner Expac now offers its new, patented, four-way diffuser grilles. Central to the innovative design are the four individual expanded metal sheets- each rotated 90 degrees- allowing air to be distributed in different directions. These diffuser grilles are designed to not only seamlessly integrate into ceilings that feature Wallner Expac’s expanded metals, but also other types of ceilings without inhibiting the HVAC system’s cooling or heating properties.

However, functionality does not take a back seat to aesthetics. Using its own designed and built machinery, Wallner Expac manufactures all its expanded metals in its US-based, ISO-certified plants. This affords Wallner Expac to meet tight specifications needed for IAQ air distribution or intake requirements, open area mandates, specific sizes, and more. Powder coat or paint can be applied, and decorative expanded metal patterns can be used to further enhance the design and environment. Wallner Expac also manufactures single screen grilles.

Wallner Expac is now accepting orders and our on-site Engineering & Design Team is available for collaboration. More information can be obtained from our Ceiling & Wall Panels Info Sheet, and should you like to request samples, please contact Manuel Menchaca, Sr. Marketing Manager at or (909) 736-4894.

Wallner Tooling/Expac Awarded Patent for X-Mesh®

X-Mesh® Patent 8,696,781


RANCHO CUCAMONGA, Calif. — May 30, 2014 — Wallner Tooling/Expac proudly announced today that a patent has been awarded for their innovative new product. X-Mesh Patent No. 8,696,781 is directed to a filter including an innovative expanded metal which Wallner markets under its brand name “X-Mesh”.

“X-Mesh is the evolution of expanded metal used in the pleated filter industry. By changing the orientation of the mesh profile by over expanding, less metal is required and its performance and rigidity is greatly enhanced,” noted Mike Wallner, CEO of Wallner.

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