Wallner Expac is Operating with Health & Safety Measures in Place


ONTARIO, Calif. – March 20, 2020 – As the status of COVID-19 is extremely dynamic, Wallner Expac will continue to make proactive decisions that are in the best interest of our customers, suppliers, and employees. As the circumstances continue to evolve, we have enacted proactive measures to ensure the well-being of our employees, continue to provide quality product and service to you, and to do our part to mitigate its transmission.

We are open for business. Wallner Expac is considered an essential supplier for many critical infrastructure sectors, including those that help to improve indoor air quality. As such, we are committed to ensure we do our part to not adversely affect your operations.

All our production facilities- including California are operational and will continue to manufacture to respond to our customers’ demands.

Although many of our office personnel are working remotely, our Shipping & Receiving Department is open and continues to make and receive deliveries.

To date, there are no risks to our supply chain. As a precautionary measure, we have conducted a Supply Chain Risk Assessment and have deployed a business continuity plan.

Although all our locations are open, all corporate travel and face-to-face meetings have been suspended through March 31 and may be extended.

These are challenging times and we will continue to closely monitor COVID-19’s impact and make proactive decisions that are best for the care of our employees, customers, and suppliers. We will provide you with timely updates should we identify concerns within our supply chain or operations. Be safe, and please feel free to contact us with questions or concerns.


Patented light gauge expanded metal for residential, commercial, and industrial filters


X-Mesh UL

Every quarter we showcase one of our more than 60 expanded metal patterns, and with Spring around the corner allergies are soon to follow. Now is the time to change your HVAC filters to ensure optimal air quality, but not all filters are created equal. Kicking off 2020, this Product Spotlight features our patented X-Mesh® light gauge expanded metal which is specifically engineered for HVAC filters to provide peak performance, maximize product lifecycle, and increase environmental awareness by contributing to a healthier environment.

In 1975, known then as Wallner Tooling and Stamping introduced expanded metal as a replacement for welded wire used in filter media backing. This revolutionary pleated expanded metal material served the same purpose as the welded wire with a significant cost savings.

Over the years, we consistently refined this expanded metal resulting in X-Mesh®, the light gauge expanded metal manufactured specifically for use in HVAC filters. In 1994 X-Mesh® was awarded U.S. Patent No. 8,696,781. This new industry standard in filter media backing features a unique pattern that provides a superior product for residential, commercial, and industrial filters- with an added cost savings.

X-Mesh® Advantages Include:

◊  Stronger pleat back for a superior quality product

◊  Optimum filter performance as a result of pleat uniformity

◊  Improved airflow through a larger area

◊  Minimized spring back in pleat unit

◊  Consistent pleat height increases contact points between die cut and media

◊  Our Shear-Form® service of manufacturing increases the elongation of the SWD, arranging the strands in a direction favorable for pleating

◊  Multiple variants have been developed and are available, with the capabilities to create a version for your needs.

As with all expanded metals from Wallner Expac, X-Mesh® is manufactured to customer specifications in its four U.S.-based manufacturing plants: California, Texas, and two in Georgia. Over 60 standard and decorative patterns are available; however, should you need a new pattern, Wallner Expac’s on-site design and engineering team is available to collaborate, design and produce one for you. To complement our manufacturing, our on-site tooling facilities provide additional services including flattening, stamping, Wire EDM processing, CNC machining, powder coat, and more.

If you’re a filter manufacturer and would like more information or samples of X-Mesh® or any of our other expanded metals, please contact Manuel Menchaca, Sr. Marketing Manager at or (909) 736-4894.