X-Mesh info sheet

X-Mesh® Light Gauge Expanded Metals for Filtration

U.S. PATENT 8,696,781

Wallner Expac is a 100% employee-owned company and North America’s largest manufacturer of light gauge expanded metals for filter media backing. In 1975 we introduced expanded metal as a replacement for the more expensive welded wire used in pleated filters. This innovative solution positioned us as leader in the filtration industry. After much R&D and working with our filtration customers, Wallner Expac introduced X-Mesh®. It’s a patented light-gauge expanded metal specifically developed for filter media backing that is favorable for pleating, and is the industry standard for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

To learn why X-Mesh® bests other light gauge expanded metals for use in HVAC filtration, read our info sheet.

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X-Mesh Info Sheet

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