Solar Panels White PaperENGINEERED FOR STRENGTH AND SAFETY: How Expanded Metal Offers Protective and Decorative Solutions for Solar Panels

According to the Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy, since 2010, the average cost of solar PV panels has dropped more than 60% and the cost of a solar electric system has dropped by about 50%. With the costs to go solar continually decreasing– and the availability of Federal tax credits– using solar power to supplement or even replace then need for purchased electricity is now a reality.

Even though the costs to go solar continue to drop, a homeowner can expect to pay approximately $25,000 for a 10kW solar panel system. To keep the system in top shape, preventive maintenance is required. A poorly maintained array can not only reduce its efficiency, but produce unforeseen risks.

A commonly overlooked preventative measure is to install a protective skirting around the base of the panels. This solar panels white paper will discuss the risks and associated costs when protective skirting is not used. Although there are different types of screens that can be used, this report will further demonstrate how expanded metal is an excellent choice to protect, safeguard, and in some cases, comply with  local regulations.

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Solar Panels White Paper

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