Fall and Impact Protection White Paper

ENGINEERED FOR STRENGTH AND SAFETY: Providing Fall and Impact Protection for Skylights with Expanded Metal

As new homes and businesses are constructed, skylights are a common rooftop addition. Industry experts say that skylights can lower electric lighting bills by one-third or more, and evolving building energy codes– such as the California Title 24 standard– are expected to favor, or even mandate the use of skylights in large flat-roof commercial buildings.

When deciding to use skylights, consideration must be taken for safety, protection, and aesthetics. Rooftop workers must be protected from falls through skylights, and the skylight should be protected from impacts. This paper will discuss the consequences of unprotected skylights, and how expanded metal is an excellent choice to safeguard, protect, and enhance- and in some cases, comply with local regulations.

This fall and impact protection white paper presents reasons for using expanded metal. To learn more,

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Skylights White Paper

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