MicroForm expanded metal micromesh for EMI ShieldingMICROFORM® EXPANDED METAL MICROMESH FOR EMI SHIELDING

For precision-engineered applications that require a light mesh, Wallner Expac designs and manufactures its Light Gauge MicroForm®. Versatile, economical, and environmentally friendly, this expanded metal micromesh is fully customizable to meet tight specifications for use in specialized applications such as medical, lightning strike protection, EMI shielding, and more.

Shielding must be lightweight, low in volume, and have excellent shielding properties. Wire mesh screens are the best alternative electromagnetic shields for such microelectronic circuits, and meeting these requirements is MicroForm® micromeshes.

Our MicroForm® for EMI Shielding info sheet will give you an introduction, and the back of the info sheet provides you with expanded metal terminology. To learn more,

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