Speaker Grilles White Paper

SAFEGUARDING YOUR SOUND: Why Expanded Metal is a Sound Choice for Your Vehicle’s Speaker Grille Covers

Today’s car audio is an important part of a vehicle. It is usually integrated with GPS navigation, satellite radio, Bluetooth streaming, voice commands, Wi-Fi,  and more. But all of these would be useless without a good speaker system.

Protecting the most vulnerable elements of the speaker– the cone and dust cap which are typically made from a thin paper with premium models using aluminum, titanium, or silk will ensure years of use and enjoyment.

Covering them is the best- and in many cases the easiest solution. Commonly known as grilles or screens, they are made from different materials. This white paper will discuss the four most common types of speaker grills: Perforated metal, plastic, expanded metal, and fabric. Although aesthetics is important, how well it protects should be an important consideration and is highly recommended. To learn more,

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Automotive Speaker Grilles White Paper

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