Expanded Metal- X-MESH®

Manufactured in our US plants, our Shear-Form®® service of manufacturing expanded metal results in a diamond-shaped pattern. Custom patterns can be developed, and because of its versatility, the uses are virtually endless. Paired with the availability of common to exotic metals, expanded metals can be implemented into almost any industry.

X-MESH® U.S. Patent No. 8,696,781

Wallner Expac is proud to be the founder and leading manufacturing of expanded metal used in pleated filters. Since its introduction in 1975, it replaced the need for expensive welded wire and this innovative solution distinguished ourselves in the filtration industry.

Continuing to innovate, Wallner Expac has introduced X-Mesh®, the patented industry standard in filter media backing for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

To learn more about our patented X-Mesh®, read our X-Mesh® Info Sheet.


Innovative design increases structural stability

Superior quality product

Maintains pleat uniformity with optimum performance

Minimizes spring back in the pleat

Consistent pleat height increases contact points between the die cut and media

Our Shear-Form® service of manufacturing increases the elongation of the SWD, arranging the strands in a direction favorable for pleating

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