Expanded Metal- MICROFORM®

Manufactured in our US plants, our Shear-Form® service of manufacturing expanded metal results in a diamond-shaped pattern. Custom patterns can be developed, and because of its versatility, the uses are virtually endless. Paired with the availability of common to exotic metals, expanded metals can be implemented into almost any industry.


Innovation is in our DNA and meeting the challenges of evolving industry demands is what drives us.

Continuing with our commitment to innovation, we introduce MicroForm®– our line of expanded metals micromeshes and foils engineered for high precision applications including battery technologies, microfiltration, and EMI/RFI shielding. Equally effective for decorative uses, MicroForm® can be used as speaker grilles, light shades, and screens for doors and windows.

Read our MicroForm® Info Sheet to learn more.

the microform® advantages

Precision-manufactured to tight tolerances

Climate controlled manufacturing environment

Widths up to 25”

LWD from 0.050”–0.125”

Metals: aluminum, copper, nickel, silver, steel, and more

Available post-production services include annealing, stamping, forming, flattening, and more

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